We are delighted that you are interested in applying to Capitol Hill Day School!

Prekindergarten is the major entry year at Capitol Hill Day School. Each year, we have openings for 24 new prekindergarten students. To be eligible, a child should be age 4 by October 1 of their start year. There are typically 10 to 15 spaces available in kindergarten through 8th grade, but this number fluctuates based on attrition. If you have questions about availability in a specific grade, please contact us.

Admissions decisions at Capitol Hill Day School are based on a combination of criteria, including evaluation of the applicant's visit, teacher recommendations, testing, parent interview, and availability within a given grade level. Special attention is given to maintaining gender balance and diversity within each grade. An Admission Committee of teachers and administrators review applications and decisions are guided by our commitment to the School’s mission. Younger siblings of current Capitol Hill Day School students are given preference for entry into the prekindergarten year only. The Admissions Checklist to the right outlines the admissions process.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Sara Catherine Corbett
Admissions Director

Additional Information

Parent Interviews are informal meetings with the Admissions Director. It is an opportunity for parents to ask questions and for the School to learn more about your child and family. Parents may attend jointly, or just one parent may attend.

Admissions Play Dates are an opportunity for Capitol Hill Day School teachers to meet and engage with your child in a fun and relaxed way. The play date takes place at Capitol Hill Day School on Saturday morning. Small groups of 5 to 8 students will be in a classroom with 3 Capitol Hill Day School teachers. There is no formal assessment of students during the play date.

Admissions Testing (WISC or WPPSI) is an important piece of the application, but not the sole determinant of admission. Assessment tests are not used to decide class placement.

Recommendations are required for all applicants. If a student has not been in a formal school setting, a recommendation may be filled out by a non-family member who has interacted with the student in another setting (dance teacher, sport coach, etc).

supplemental application forms and references

"If I could design a psychologically safe school, every elementary school in the United States would go from kindergarten through grade eight and would be no larger than four hundred children."

from best friends, worst enemies, by michael thompson, phd, psychologist and best selling author

Policy of Non-Discrimination

Capitol Hill Day School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sexual orientation, religion, gender, or national or ethnic origin in the administration of its education policies, admissions policies, financial aid program or other school programs.