Quick Facts

PreK 4 - 8th Grade
220 Students
50 Years of Progressive Education
Over 300 Field Education
experiences annually
16-24 Students per class
Over 35% Diversity
75% Faculty with Advanced Degrees
2 Lead Teachers/class in PreK through 5th Grade

Why Capitol Hill Day School?

At Capitol Hill Day School, we believe that children learn best when they are actively engaged and concepts are presented in meaningful and creative ways. Our rich and unparalleled Field Education program (over 300 field trips per year) connects the classroom to the real world and teaches students problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Small classes and a project approach to teaching, create a love of learning and a love of school that lasts a lifetime. Here, students are not simply memorizing facts and taking tests; knowledge is absorbed through hands on, experiential learning.

"Education works best when it teaches for deeper understanding rather than shallow coverage, engages the child as a co-discoverer, and emphasizes projects rather than lectures and textbooks."
Tom Sizer on progressive education

Through our collaborative and inquiry-based curriculum, students build on their natural curiosity and learn to make connections across disciplines and subject areas. At Capitol Hill Day School students learn to respect the world around them and care for their community and for each other. Our graduates are confident, academically prepared, socially adept, and flourish at a wide range of high schools, where they continue to live out the School’s motto of “explore, engage, and connect.”