Head shot of Head of School, Jason Gray.We are a progressive school for children that sparks joy in learning, encouraging curiosity, exploration, creativity, and play. We connect the classroom to the larger world with an unparalleled Field Education Program, draw strength from our diverse community, and value social, emotional, and academic growth equally. We build a strong foundation for a child's next school, and for living a life of purpose and value. Capitol Hill Day School graduates are confident, caring young people with the skills to navigate their community, their learning, and ultimately, their lives.

Our faculty are passionate about teaching, as well as experts in their fields and in the ages they teach. Children view teachers as allies who encourage them to work collaboratively, respecting and appreciating their own and each other’s unique strengths.

From prekindergarten through eighth grade, students study subjects in depth and classes are often designed around unifying questions. Field trips are seamlessly integrated into class work at all grade levels in support of our belief that children learn best when they find meaning in

In a complex and often chaotic world, Capitol Hill Day School offers a calm and thoughtful educational community for children and their families.

their work and are actively engaged in the process of discovery. Our students are taught to think critically, ask questions, and view mistakes as an important part of the learning process. Teachers work together across grades to ensure a smooth transition from the early childhood to the elementary classrooms, and ultimately to the upper grades, where older students are nurtured as leaders, preparing them for high school and beyond.

I encourage you to look through our website, learn about the School's day, after school, and summer camp programs, our unique and extensive Field Education Program, and the essential and valued participation of parents in the life of the School. For almost 50 years, Capitol Hill Day School students, parents, and teachers have worked together to fulfill the School's mission "to deeply engage a diverse community of students in connecting the classroom to the larger world, supporting each child in developing the confidence, compassion, and intellectual capacity to live a life of purpose and value."

At Capitol Hill Day School, we believe our program instills a depth of understanding, a love of learning, and a level of self-confidence your child simply will not get anywhere else. I invite you to visit and experience our exciting and diverse community, and meet the students who are actively engaged in this journey.

Jason Gray
Head of School