Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Capitol Hill Day School knows Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are some of the building blocks to a thriving and healthy school environment. We remain proud of our continued emphasis on social justice reflected in our curriculum across all grade levels and recognize that this is long-term work. We are dedicated to doing the work every single day to make sure Capitol Hill Day School is an environment that is safe, welcoming, understanding, and compassionate for our students and for our community. We remain committed to listening, caring, acting, and continuously improving. If you have any questions about this page or our diversity work, please reach out to our DEI Coordinator, Leslie Sinsay.


Leslie Sinsay, DEI Coordinator & Early Childhood Teacher

DEI Center for Resources & Information

Members of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee have curated an extensive list of resources and information we believe will be helpful for both children and adults. Resources are organized by grade level and topic and will be updated regularly. Visit our Center for Resources and Information by clicking the button below.

Our DEI vision & Mission Statement

As diversity, equity and inclusion practitioners we work alongside parents and children in the Capitol Hill Day School community to have a deeper understanding of our identity, to acknowledge similarities and differences, and to raise our consciousness of the intersectionality of these identities for healthy relationship building. From this solid foundation we guide our community in considering how injustices affect others, what constitutes an injustice, how injustices develop, and how they can be dismantled. All members of the CHDS community understand that respect for the human dignity of each individual is paramount. Through this understanding and a strong community commitment to social justice, CHDS recognizes and fights injustices in all its forms.


Spotlight on Parent Events

Events and resources focused around DEI work that might be of interest to parents will be posted here. For more parent resources, visit our DEI Center for Resources & Information.

Black History Month

Join your children in celebrating the joy and magic of Black History Month. Browse through Eventbrite's collection of virtual events that inspire action, education, and connection. As you search through their catalogue, you'll find many free activities related to art, history, cooking, and a general celebration of being Black in America.

Upcoming Events

Drawing Across the Colorline with Kids | EmbraceRace Webinar 
Register to join this conversation with children's book illustrator/authors Grace Lin, Oge Mora and Yuyi Morales on February 23, 2021 @ 8:30 pm ET

A great many children love to draw. Yet, while more and more attention is paid to racial, ethnic, and other kinds of diversity in children's books, we pay little attention to diversity in children's depictions of the world. In observing our own children and talking to other guardians and educators, it seems that most kids, including kids of color, start by drawing White characters. We think there’s a lot at stake in teaching kids to see themselves and each other across lines of race, and have invited some of our favorite picture book illustrator-writers to talk it through. 

Learn More and Register!

Recorded Events

[Webinar Recording] Raising Multiracial Children, Part 1: Examining Multiracial Identity — from EmbraceRace

[Webinar Recording] Raising Multiracial Children, Part 2: Anti-Blackness in Multiracial Families 

[Webinar Recording] Managing Racial Stress: Guidance For Parents — from EmbraceRace

[Resource Recording] A Conversation with My Black Son — from PBS 

Professional Development for Faculty & Staff