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Gray Matters (January 2020)

A New Year’s Commitment to Exploring our Progressive Approach

Happy New Year! I trust everyone found ways to relax and reenergize over the break. It was wonderful this morning to be greeted by warm smiles and an energy that clearly indicated an eagerness to have our community back together again. Here’s to a fantastic 2020.

I am not much for New Year’s resolutions, but as we start 2020, I have committed myself to a series of communications focused on the heart of our community — teaching and learning. Through this forum and in my next few monthly coffees, I am particularly interested in engaging our community in dialog on the ways in which our philosophy of Progressive Education weaves together fundamental elements of learning. Our Progressive approach not only supports the social-emotional growth of children and helps them develop a commitment to inclusion, equity, and justice; through this approach, learners also develop strong academic skills and concepts. Simply put, the true strength of our program lies in its focus on both heart and mind, and a clear recognition that one does not function without the other.

Starting in Early Childhood and continuing through their graduation as Eighth Graders, Capitol Hill Day School students develop a deep love of learning, a strong sense of self and a genuine concern for those around them, and the ability to address challenging questions analytically, critically, and creatively. Our graduates are exceedingly well-prepared socially, emotionally, and academically for high school and beyond. 

The core of Capitol Hill Day School’s strengths lies in our commitment to a Progressive philosophy. Please join me at 8:30am on Tuesday, January 28 (RSVP to Jmaw Moses) for the first in a series of discussions on the value of Progressive Education. In the meantime, I encourage you to read the following:



Head of School, Jason Gray, reading to an Early Childhood student on a beanbag chair.

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