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Gray Matters (June 2018)

Happy Summer

Now into my third decade as an educator, I know all too well that this is the time of year during which it is most difficult to stay in the moment.  The light at the end of the tunnel is bright, and the pull of the last day of school is strong.  Inevitably, conversations turn to the question, “What are you doing this summer?”  Armed with the wisdom that only time can give, I have come to realize that the only recourse is to cave to this natural anticipation and enthusiasm.  

In this spirit, I am excited to tell you, in case you have not heard, what Capitol Hill Day School is doing  this summer…on top of seven weeks of summer camp, we will once again be in construction mode.  Last summer, it was playground landscaping, this summer it is middle school home renovations.  Needless to say, we are thrilled to launch the construction phase of our project at Farren’s Stable (218 D Street, SE).

In late March, we received a favorable ruling from the Board of Zoning for our use exception.  Permitting is underway and we expect positive closure on this process in the very near future.  Last week we interviewed and ultimately hired our contractor, Coakley & Williams Construction, Inc.  All that is to say, our project timeline is intact and we are on track for a late fall, early winter move in date! 

Without a doubt, it is shaping up to once again be an exciting Capitol Hill Day School summer.  In the same way that you will keep tabs on friends and family vacations and camp experiences, we encourage you follow our project’s progress through social media (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) and the CHDS website.

Happy summer!

Jason Gray
Head of School