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Gray Matters (November 2020)

What I've Been Listening To

Welcome to November. Over the past couple weeks I have inundated you with lots of important details related to our transition to in-person indoor activity. With this post I want to highlight where you can locate some of the most essential information. As a reminder, the Parent Portal houses all past communications for your reference and the On-Campus Experience webpage lists important information and reminders related to in-person indoor meetups including schedules and our Safety Protocols and Procedures document. Please read through this document thoroughly. Community adherence to these protocols is essential to our ability to sustain our on-campus activity.

In non-pandemic times I have frequently used this space to share readings or listenings that I have found meaningful. Often these have been resources shared with me by different members of our community, my colleagues or your peers. During this crisis long walks are a source of retreat. In some of my recent jaunts I have enjoyed the following:

The Osterholm Update: COVID-19
This is a podcast I turn to regularly. Michael Osterholm is the Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota. I find Osterholm’s cogent reporting to be an essential source of pandemic information.

Brené on Shame and Accountability
Brene Brown is an author/researcher I have appreciated for some time. This podcast was recently shared with participants in our DEI community conversation: “The Roles of White Parents in Anti Racist Work.” 

Longtime Activist Loretta Ross Speaks Out Against The Call-Out Culture
In this NPR Fresh Air podcast Loretta Ross, professor at Smith College in Massachusetts, speaks to the divisive culture of the dialog in our country. Ross advocates for a shift away from “calling out” to one that she labels “calling in.” (bonus article: Speaking Up Without Tearing Down)

How Can We Choose Optimism — Even In The Darkest Times? 
In this moment I seek as much optimism I can find. This TED Radio Hour piece featuring Christiana Figueres, a Costa Rican diplomat, is a wonderful shot in the arm. 

If you find yourself on a walk with time to listen and reflect, I’d love to hear your thoughts. As always do not hesitate to reach out for a conversation. 

Jason Gray, Head of School