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Gray Matters (February 2021)

Black History Month

Since February 2002, Capitol Hill Day School has celebrated Black History Month with a school-wide study of an individual, group, event, or theme associated with Black history and culture. With my Gray Matters this month, I want to share the message below from our Black History Month Committee. Please visit our DEI webpage for more information, resources and to learn more about our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

A Message from the Black History Month Committee

With the beginning of a new year, we believe it is important to reflect on the past and our hopes for progress in the future. This past year brought both struggles and accomplishments to the Black community. As we grapple with the disproportionate impacts from COVID-19 and witness the historic election of the first Black & South Asian Woman as Vice President, we experience the tension between joy and struggle that exists for communities of color.

With this in mind the Black History Month Committee thought it important to remind everyone of the joy and magic that comes from being Black. While struggle and tension clearly exist, these feelings are not the only emotions on the minds of Black Americans. As a community we see joy and magic at every turn. Therefore this year the Capitol Hill Day School Black History Month theme is #Blackgirlmagic and #Blackboyjoy with an emphasis on the joy of Black children as a whole. 

As a community it is important that we stand strong in our support of Black Lives and Black Children and this theme seeks to see them shine. This month expect to see joy in all of its forms and magic everywhere you look! You will see jubilees, in depth studies of the meanings of joy and magic in the Black Community, and of course a lot of music and dancing. As a community we feel that while it is important to teach and learn about the struggle and progress in the Black Community, it is equally important to note the joy and magic present at each step. We are excited for this joy to be palpable throughout the community.