Gray Matters (December 2018)

Moving into Farren's Stable 

As a Board member recently proclaimed in a note to fellow Board members, "The space is almost finished!”  Indeed it is, and I am excited to announce that we have reached the final stages of the Farren’s Stable renovation project.  Here are some photos showing recent progress.  Furniture is scheduled to be delivered on Friday, December 7, followed by our punch list walk-through with our architect and contractor. Shortly thereafter, we will have our final inspection and anticipate release of our certificate of occupancy.  We are planning full use of Farren’s Stable when we return from winter break on Monday, January 7.

Between now and January 7, several transition events are in the works:

  • 7th and 8th Grade Visits: These students will visit Farren’s Stable on both December 11 and 18 to begin to orient themselves to the space.  

  • Parent Open House: After drop off on the morning of December 20, we invite parents to swing by Farren’s Stable for an informal sneak peek.

  • Final Move: Over the winter break, books and supplies from Dent and the Townhouse (214) will be moved to Farren’s Stable.  

In typical Capitol Hill Day School fashion, this project illustrates our community’s collaboration, creativity, and collective expertise.  Most importantly, we are staying true to our commitment, keeping students at the center of this project, every step of the way. It is a thrill to know that after nearly two years of planning and preparation, we have a new environment in which to continue to implement our vision of progressive teaching and learning.  


Signature of Head of School, Jason Gray

Jason Gray
Head of School