Gray Matters, February 2022

Springing Forward

Last week was a wonderful foreshadowing of what I envision for our spring: temperatures were up and Covid case numbers were down. I have a genuine feeling of optimism for how different the end of this year will feel compared to the past 24 months. As I stated in my recent communication to families, with solid mitigations in place, especially vaccination, and a committed community, I believe we are on a clear path to further normalcy. As always we will be attentive to any changes in guidance and mandates and will continue to adjust our Protocols in keeping with our mission and the health and safety of our community.

In addition to the warming weather and the receding Omicron surge, various joyful moments continue to weave their way through the fabric of our days. Black History Month celebratory activities are in full swing. We had a fantastic kick-off assembly where we welcomed special guest Amanda Christine to speak with our community by way of Zoom. Our Upper Grades Arts Choice students showcased their hard work during our annual Arts Choice Share Out where students displayed their work from Basic Drawing, Zines, and Ceramics classes, and students in the Musical performed a number from Annie. We were dazzled by the recent 6th Grade production of Boxes put on for students, friends, and families—our first in-person theatrical production since 2019. It has also been energizing to see more cross-grade interactions amongst students. Our big and little buddies have spent time reconnecting in various ways throughout the year, and we look forward to our next “Drop Everything And Buddy” time scheduled for this coming Thursday. Similarly, our 7th and 8th Grade Cohort spent time at the Canal Park outdoor ice rink this past week enjoying each other's company and building community. Our ability to safely expand opportunities within our Field Education Program has been widely successful for students, teachers, and our surrounding community. See a photo below of our 2nd Graders just this past week visiting with and interviewing Leah Daniels, Capitol Hill Day School alum and owner of local shop Hill’s Kitchen, as part of their study of the Capitol Hill neighborhood. 

As we look forward to the last several months of our school year, I have a genuine enthusiasm for the impact of the protocol changes that we will implement after the Presidents’ Day Weekend. It will be wonderful to have our classroom spaces reconfigured to again best align with our progressive pedagogy. Similarly, I eagerly anticipate the boost that our community will receive to once again experience, after two years, the joy of smiling faces running around outside. I am confident in the strengthening of learning, collaboration, and engagement that these shifts will inspire. Bring on the warm weather, bring on the smiles, bring on spring—we’re ready!

Head of School, Jason Gray makes a pincho pot with an EC student.



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