What makes us special?

Capitol Hill Day School offers a style and quality of learning you’ll find nowhere else. Children here explore, create, play, and most of all grow—by leaps and bounds, and in the fullest sense of that word.

We are a progressive school, building on an educational tradition that puts children at the center of their learning and that has proven its value in the lives of countless students. A key feature of our progressive approach is that a child’s social and emotional growth is every bit as important as his or her intellectual development, because we know how much the one contributes to the other.

We’re a close-knit school in a historic building in a diverse and vibrant neighborhood, and we make abundant use of that neighborhood as an extended classroom. In fact, experiences outside the classroom add vast new dimensions to what happens inside—our Field Education Program is unparalleled, opening up whole new worlds for our students.

Visit the School and you’ll find that we’re a joyful place where young children develop a lifelong love of learning. “There’s something sort of magical happening here,” one of our parents said recently. We couldn’t agree more.