CHDS Students Lead Inclusion & Activism Lessons (June2017 Hill Rag)

CHDS Students Lead Inclusion & Activism Lessons (June2017 Hill Rag)
Debby Anker
CHDS 5th Graders share lessons from their study of gender stereotypes

As part of their study of gender stereotypes, identity, and expression, 5th Graders visited classrooms to share what they have learned. In small groups, they:

  • Read picture books about gender non-conforming kids to Early Childhood students.
  • Presented to 1st and 2nd Graders about stereotypes, assumptions, and what it means to be an active bystander.
  • Surveyed 3rd and 4th Graders about their beliefs and thinking around gender, and created and presented lessons based on those findings.
  • Presented a lesson to 6th Graders that included a presentation, student-created website, and Kahoot game.
  • Designed posters for the School promoting inclusivity.

They also met with Head of School Jason Gray to propose ways to make our community a more inclusive, safe space, including changing bathroom signs, and organizing a gender celebration week similar to our long-standing black history month study.

In student reflections, they wrote that our school is "a very accepting and welcoming place" and "very thoughtful even with EC kids and they understand [these issues] at a young age." Another student reflected, "[I learned about myself] that helping people feels great and I can be an activist."

This is just one example of how school-wide collaboration benefits the entire school community and reflects the mutual trust and respect between teachers and students, who are already thinking of ways to continue this work in the next school year.

Grandparents & Grand Friends Day was once again a well-attended, lively event, with over 120 special guests visiting classrooms prior to the evening all-school Performing Arts Festival.

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