Children as Change Makers (Mar2018 Hill Rag)

Children as Change Makers (Mar2018 Hill Rag)
Debby Anker

Children as change makers, and learning global competence

Capitol Hill Day School faculty and staff regularly revisit how they address racial identity development, teach history through multiple perspectives, and critically examine their approach to Black History Month. This year, CHDS students explored "Children as Change Makers" during Black History Month, focusing on ways that African-American children made a difference in the struggle for recognition and rights. In the elementary and upper grades, students learned about children who made change during the Civil Rights movement and throughout American history.

Early childhood teachers introduced stories of children who have sought to make change, focusing on three core ideas:

-It is everyone's job to notice what is not fair and work to change it.

-Everyone must show courage in order to make a change.

-Small movements can start something. Work towards fairness is ongoing.

Young students explored the idea of "courage" through stories and storytelling, inviting families to share small acts of courage taken by a family member, as a child or as an adult.

The theme of global competence โ€“ understanding the world through disciplinary and interdisciplinary study โ€“ runs throughout the curriculum, in all grades. At Curriculum Night in March, parents will examine student work that reflects global competence capacities, which include students investigating the world beyond their immediate environment; recognizing their own and others' perspectives; communicating ideas effectively with diverse audiences; and translating ideas into appropriate action to improve conditions.

Congratulations to CHDS 6th Graders for their fantastic performance of Peter Pan, Jr., at the Atlas Theater, ably assisted by 7th and 8th Grade crew!

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