Early Childhood (PreK - 1st Grade)

The Early Childhood curriculum is founded on the belief that a child is a competent, eager learner who has already made many discoveries about the world. The task of the teachers is to provide an environment rich with opportunities and to nurture each child’s ability to grow and develop emotionally, intellectually, and physically. A major goal is to affirm and stretch each child’s individual potential and at the same time help them to understand both the benefits and responsibilities of belonging to a group. Together we build a community of learners. Sharing and caring for materials, listening as well as contributing in discussions, asking questions and finding answers, making good decisions about choosing activities and interacting with others, and being able to sustain attention are all essential goals. Social and emotional skills provide the framework for children to get the most out of any learning experience.

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Spotlight On Blog 

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Kathryn Bauman-Hill

Early Childhood & Elementary Head
Early Childhood students smiling on a boat on a field trip to the Anacostia River.
Early Childhood students jumping from log to log on the playground.
Two first grade students working in their classroom.