Beyond the Basics

Visual and performing arts, foreign languages, library, physical education, human development and sexuality—these aren’t “extras” at Capitol Hill Day School. They’re essential parts of children’s learning, offered for everyone, every year because they’re important for everyone, every year.

Foreign Languages

A picture of a piece of art in a classroom window that says "Bonjour."

Lessons in French and Spanish begin in Prekindergarten. In 1st Grade, students focus on one or the other, and continue with that language through 8th Grade.

performing arts

Children sing, dance, learn instruments, take the stage. Operas based on children’s books, shadow-puppet shows, the 6th Grade musical theater production, and 7th and 8th Grade Scenes from Shakespeare are among the many highlights.

CHDS Performing Arts -- 1st graders playing instruments.

visual arts

CHDS Art Class -- An early childhood student painting.

Creative expression is the goal as students draw, paint, sculpt, make 3D creations, practice digital arts, learn about famous artists, and explore art and culture.

physical education

Kids need to move, and our PE program gets them moving in a variety of fun and creative ways, developing motor skills and introducing the joys of fitness and sports. Interscholastic sports begin in 5th Grade.

CHDS Physical Education -- student excited after building a structure.


Librarian reading to EC students.

Library learning covers everything from a basic love of books and stories to sophisticated research skills using digital and conventional resources.

human development and sexuality

Age-appropriate courses begin in 4th Grade and continue through 8th Grade. This enriching program draws on many outstanding resources, including “Our Whole Lives” (OWL) and “It’s All One Curriculum.”