Upper Grades 5-8

In the upper grades at Capitol Hill Day School, we seek to educate the whole child and to know our students personally. Adolescence is a time of unique opportunities and challenges, and our program reflects that uniqueness, not as a separate entity, but as a logical extension of the early childhood and elementary grades.

Our strong academic program is departmentalized in the upper grades, allowing students to discover and explore each topic in depth, while still helping students uncover patterns, discover and explore connections between subjects, and apply knowledge to the outside world.

During twice-yearly student-led conferences, upper grade students analyze and reflect on their progress in a meeting with their parents and teachers.

The upper grade experience completes the work begun in the earliest grades, fostering enthusiastic, curious learners who explore, engage, and connect with the world around them. Our graduates are confident in their academic abilities, socially adept, and go on to achieve success at a wide range of high schools.