Squirrels. Trains. Teeth. Breads from around the World. These are all topics that have been explored by Early Childhood classes. Each year, the teachers select themes based on class interest. Through hands-on activities and weekly field trips, Early Childhood students become experts in these topics while learning reading, math, writing, and other important skills.

Green technology and space travel. Corruption in the former USSR. The emotional lives of dogs. The relationship between human population growth and availability of natural resources. Just a sampling of the Sixth Grade students’ Year End Projects this past year. Each child chooses a topic to research, and is given the tools to thoroughly explore that topic in multiple ways. The students speak with experts in the fields they are researching, work with faculty mentors, provide statistics and create presentations that they share in the spring.

Architect. Veterinarian. Researcher. Engineer. Archaeologist. Counselor. Scholar. Cardiologist. Teacher. This is a short list of what Capitol Hill Day School graduates pursue professionally. I often hear from our alumni that their passion for their career began as a field trip or class topic at Capitol Hill Day School.

Your support of Capitol Hill Day School helps to develop and nurture a lifelong love of learning. What students learn in their classrooms and on field education trips creates a foundation for their life beyond Capitol Hill Day School.

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